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If you don’t know how to check a SmartFren number, it can be difficult to have many different media that you can use, but there’s nothing to worry about because everything is easy to do, even if it involves new users, and already many people love SmartFren because of some of its best benefits.


We can see that this provider is developing, especially in the prices of cheap Internet packages, which are competitive. In addition, the types of packages vary considerably, and you can elaborate more on them every month and adjust them to your needs. At the same time, you can use some of the latest methods below to check your number.




First,  there’s  a way to check smartfren numbers using USSD dial-ups  – most of them are used because they’re not simpler and too much effort, and the other reason may be because the smartphone you’ve already used has less memory to prevent applications from installing for various key services, including checking numbers.


In terms of steps and costs, dial-up is really one of the most economical things and you don’t need to be too upset. For tutorial, just log in on your phone and open your phone application. The application has an icon similar to the same green telephone handle, which may vary for each cellphone.


If it’s open, just enter the USSD code *999# and just click on the icon on your phone. Furthermore, given the speed of the signal, data on the number will be available immediately. Therefore, we have to be patient because signal resistance is often encountered because it can be very long. Especially if you check in a difficult place to signal.


 The use of the SmartFren number check method itself  will also bring other data to the current amount of credit, so you can see whether the need for credit should be increased again, especially where the active period is important to receive smartfren services and features.


If the active period becomes empty, all credit will be in vain and there will be a chance of disappearance. Of course, this would be bad news because the beloved number cannot be reactivated. Especially if this combination is beautiful, if you’re buying a new one, it feels irreversible at all.


Note that the USSD smartfren was *995# before, so if you try it now, it won’t work. The same change from *995# to *999# comes in 2020 and is used today. In fact, users prefer this USSD because it is too many of the same numbers.


Short Message


In fact, if we are talking about the SMS services of the various providers, we are starting to let it go because it is not simple enough. We see people prefer to use chat applications instead of using short message services. Furthermore, the benefits of chat can certainly be felt more every time you deliver.


When you use SMS to send messages, you should use a fee in the form of adjustable credit to the recipient. If the recipient uses a different provider than us, then the fee is more expensive. Unlike fellows, it’s cheap and often offers many bonuses, such as sending free messages.


At the same time, you can still use smartfren numbers using your SMS service yourself  – because of the benefits in detail. If you want to use this method, just enter the Short Message Service (SMS) application on your phone or smartphone, and then just send an SMS using the latest format.


The format is CEK, then only sent to 995. Furthermore, information on how many numbers are listed there and the validity period of the card is not too long. In addition, information on the active period and the remaining package is included. Therefore, you  do not have to send an additional SMS to check.


Although you know sms as a paid service, you don’t charge customer fees at all if you want to check your smartfren number. Additionally, if you want to use this method, you don’t need expensive cellphones with high specs. Additionally, you must use the MySmartFren application because it may not be associated with a cellphone.


The latest update:


You can use a special application to check smartfren numbers, as can other providers in the archipelago, which  is called MySmartFren, which already appears to be the best service for loyal customers, and also does not want to exclude other providers in terms of the evolution of service technology.


MySmartFren has a variety of complete features, one of which is the perfect package choice. Moreover, SMS, telephone, roaming and many other choices are affordable in packages. Therefore, if you want to find the cheapest thing, it is most desirable to buy a package through the application.


To find  a way to check your SmartFren number using MySmartFren  , you can download it first, you can only find it through the Play Store, which is only a size 28 MB, of course it’s very small but beneficial, because it’s small in size itself and the device doesn’t weigh heavily when we run it later.


After successful download, just wait for the installation to be completed and prepare to use it for check-in. There will be no restrictions, such as applying for installation permissions here because it is not like the type of application that officially results in mode. In fact, it is very encouraging to wear modified products from foreigners because it is too risky.


There can certainly be adverse risks, such as account hacking. Later, not only did you lose credit, you could damage the device. Therefore, using the official app is a wise choice. Furthermore, the use of MySmartFren has become a sign of this, as it is proof that all data is safe.


If you have installed successfully, just open the application on your smartphone. Later we’ll find a lot of features and super complete services, there’s no need to press any menus on the check-in number. But at the top of the MySmartFren menu display, there’s already a number we automatically use.


 Various fees


Finally, recommendations on how to check smartfren numbers are  made directly through cellular operators. It can be said that today all providers in Indonesia will certainly own the operator, especially since this is still considered to be the best and most detailed service, especially for customers who need to be served at every step when they want to receive the service.


Indeed, this will certainly serve customers directly when they want to enjoy smartfren features so that there are no errors. Therefore, those who do not want to use such services in any way will be able to use them slowly.


But if you contact the operator who should already note, you will be charged a fee as credit. The cost of connecting for a long period of time will be even higher. This cost is only reasonable and has no burden on customers.


Later, the operator’s service tells you how to check your smartfren number – in real detail , where you’ll be asked about identity such as id card numbers or other complete data, which is really necessary, because the numbers are a bit private, because not everyone can easily figure it out.


SmartFran is a sign that the security of customer data is severely restricted so that people don’t abuse it. To use the operator’s services on their own, you can contact 995 or 500 directly. If you don’t connect immediately, you have to be patient because you’re often busy.


The steps are a little shorter and it’s definitely easy to move forward. Furthermore, it is more useful because it is not costly at all, it is not a waste of credit. For this tutorial to be smoother and faster, it is  recommended to condition signal strength on the cellphone by using how to check your smartfren number.