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Stay safe, how to renew your passport online by avoiding crowding

The way to extend passports online this  year  is considered safe. The Covid-19 pandemic in recent months has made everyone want to spend more time at home or avoid crowding.  So taking care of passports online is now the right choice.

The service was also dismissed a while ago.  Even if it reopens from June 15, 2020,  there’s no such thing as  an AMU that wants to extend it online  . By hiding a few documents, you no longer need to order e.

There are two types of documents that can be requested as a condition for renewal  , namely, electronic identity cards and old passports. But  keep in mind that the conditions apply only to the period after the 2009 issue or later. This is  different from the  2009 seb  elum release. To be clear,you can understand the terms and conditions below.

Know the  exact time to renew  the passport and the exact time to prepare the documents

It  should be understood that this is after  five years of the validity  period  of the general Indonesian passport being  issued for the first time. After that, you can use it at any time at that time to travel outside of Indonesia. Of course, on the condition that there is still a page left to be stamped in and out of a particular country.  On the name.

But it is not recommended to look for ways to properly extend an online passport to expiry.   The reason is that immigration authorities don’t allow  a validity period of less than six months. So if you  don’t want  to be constrained by the phases  of immigration when you travel abroad, extend it six   months before  it expires.

As explained at the outset, the requirements required for the extension will vary depending on the year of publication.  Especially for  issues like 2009  and beyond  , documents should be produced only with electronic identity cards and old passports. Meanwhile, in issues prior to 2009, more documents were required.

In particular  , how to extend an online passport issued before 2009  will be almost the same when K Amu creates the new one, which includes electronic identity cards, ration cards and old passports. Then the  birth certificate and  other letters in which the applicant’s full name is written, the date of birth and the names of his parents.

Especially  for foreigners who have changed  their citizenship  as Indonesian citizens,  they also need an Indonesian citizenship letter.   Especially for individuals who have changed their names,  a  resolution letter for name change is  required  – a  detailed document required  for individuals  who were issued passports before 2009.

4 first steps on  how to update passport online, how to install the application

Choosing  how to renew a passport online no longer needs to stand in line for registration. However  you have to come  to the  immigration office to undertake  various important steps later on. In more detail, here is an easy way, from first installing the app to storing the registration QR code proof.

  1. Install Service Apk

The first step is to first install  the online passport service apk on Android and iOS devices.  You can download it on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Then this application will be automatically established, as it is the official publication of the Director General of Immigration of the Ministry of Human Rights and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

  1. Fill out the form

The next step is to fill out the form in the installed apk.  Fill in all previously prepared documents. Remind them to always be careful in doing so. So that the data or document errors do not exist later on will  cause the p anjangan process to not run as it should.

  1. Choose the schedule and location of the office

The next  way  to renew your passport online is not to forget to select the  location of the immigration office. Of course, choose the  office closest to  the  applicant’s location  at that time. Don’t forget to adjust the schedule for your leisure time. So without worrying about clashing with other important schedules, you can do things Let’s finish.

You will also have to fill in the number of people applying for the extension. The applicant should also ensure that there is adequate allotment of registrants on that date. Once this filling stage is complete, the applicant can click on the advanced menu for the next step.

  1. Don’t forget to save the registration resource

Once the entire registration and form filling phase is completed, the applicant will receive a QR code.   This code isproof that k amu has already applied for an extension application. Save this proof so that it can then be shown to the officer in the previously selected immigration office  .

Here are 4  steps on how to renew your next online passport  and the fees to be paid

In addition to the above levels, there are other levels that need to be performed, including the following:

  1. Visit the immigration office as planned

The applicant has created a schedule for the location and registration of his office.  The  next way to renew your passport online is to arrive on time as planned. Don’t forget to bring the required documents.  If necessary, make sure you are wearing clean clothes so the photo on your latest passport  is also fine.

  1. Show registration certificate

The applicant should also  bring a  QR code proof of registration. Once you arrive at the immigration office, show this proof to the officer and the officer will then give you some forms.   Please fill out the  form that will be checked later with the requirements  you have prepared in advance.

  1. Conducting interview stages

If there are many rows, you will have to wait for a while until the interview phase. After that, of course, some questions will be given and you will continue to take photos. You will also take a fingerprint stamp . Next, you will have to wait for it to be called again for the next step.

  1. Making payments with the following charges

The last way to renew an online passport is to complete a payment transaction.  The  amount to be paid  varies depending on the type of passport  . For example, in a regular pass of 24 pages, the cost range is from Rp100,000 to Rp200,000,-.   Unlike the 48 pages, rp costs 300.000, to rp 600.00 0,-.

Unlike an e-passport with  24 pages  , the cost ranges from Rp350,000 to Rp800,000,-. 48 e-passport pages range from Rp600,000 to 1,200,000,-. and then it can also be disclosed for additional service charges for using biometric-based delivery system technology  in e-passports  for  ITR 55,000,-.

Then, applicants will have to wait up to three working days until the  new renewed passport  is completed. Applicants can choose to take them directly to the immigration office or make home delivery. There is only one to choose which way is easier, but of course it is subject to additional costs in home delivery options.

How to renew an expired passport

If  you have  a passport with an expired validity period  , there is no need to worry, as  it can still be extended, which means that even if the expiry period is more than five years after it was first issued.  The conditions requested are also not very different from those mentioned earlier.

You  have to meet the requirements yourself, including a photocopy and the original ID card. Next, bring the old passport to the place where  it was the mat i Valid date. Then k amu must go through the same positions  while the passport extension is still active. This can be through the service apk or manual, i.e. visiting  the immigration office.

This stage of extending the validity period is the latest.    It should also be noted that  the special validity period of Indonesian passports  has actually  been extended in  2020, which is 10 years. What this means is that if you renew now, the passport will be   valid for 10 years.

Traveling outside  of Indonesia requires a number of requirements, one of which is a passport. So  always make sure that  the passport  you have is  valid for at least 6 months so that it is not banned during the immigration process.   You should choose to use the online passport renewal method as we have explained, or only manual.

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